Benefit of Worshiping 12 Names of Lord Hanuman

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Hanuman is considered the most effective lord of Kalyuga. It is believed that he is long lived and he is still alive. He get boon of Asthasiddhi and Navnidhi due to his wonderful and strong devotion. Due to this boon and mercy of lord Rama he is capable to remove trouble from his devotee’s life. There is one way of Dwadash worship.

Benefit of Worshiping 12 Names of Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman
There are twelve names of lord Hanuman. They are “Hanuman, Anajanisut, Vayuputra, Mahabal, Ramesth, Falgunsakha, Pingaksh, Amitvikram, Udhadikraman, Sitashokvinashan, Lakshmanprandata and Dashgrivdaparha.” Every name has its own glory and use. You can get special benefit by worshiping all these names together.

You can chant these twelve names in the morning, before going for bed at night, before starting any new work or before going on journey. Take yellow color page and write these names with red color ink and keep it on the main entrance and worship place at the home. You can write it on Bhojpatra with Asthgandha and wear it in your throat as locket. These names will protect you from ten sides, sky and inferno.

You get long time if your chant these names in the morning. You become rich if your chant these names in the afternoon. You can defeat your enemies if you chant these names at night. If you want to fulfill your wishes then you should chant these names in the morning for 9 times.

Remedy: Everyone can worship lord Hanuman. There is no difference of men-women.

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