Astro Upay for Conflict Between Husband - Wife

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There should be trust between husband-wife. If there is no trust between them then their relations may die. One can get rid of many problems by matching their horoscope.

Astro Upay for Conflict Between Husband - Wife

Conflict Between Husband - Wife
If you such lines, as shown on the above figure, then you’ll face problem in getting marry and after marriage. You won’t get desire life partner. Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu create problems in marital life. You should try to give your best in relationship. However, don’t keep too many expectations. If there are lines on Sun Mountain or life line become dark and it has cuts then you might face many problems in marital life.

You should keep basil plant at your home. It decreases the malefic effect of Sun. You can flow jaggery in running water on Sunday. You can chant Gayatri mantra with basil rosary. Do not keep or wear torn shoes and chapel in the home. You can feed seven types of pulse (wheat, corn, barley, millet, rice, red lentil and black lentil) flour to ants. You should gift silver coin and rice on each other’s birthday.
Conflict Between Husband - Wife

Do not keep entrance or main gate of home in south side. The problems may increases if the door is in northwest side. In this case, you can keep yellow clothe or flag on entrance gate. You can also keep yellow flag on your terrace. The stove should be in southeast side in the kitchen.

Do not keep your bedroom in northeast side. This side is very beneficial for worshiping. Also, avoid keeping your bedroom in southeast side. The bedroom should be on southwest side. Keep your head on south side whenever you sleep. Keep sugar or jaggery on your terrace.

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