Astro Upay for Career in Film Industry

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In astrology, Venus is considered as the planet for glamour and luxury. Mercury is considered as the planet for expression. A person can go in glamour field if there is impact of Venus. These fields might be film, media, modeling, art and music. 

Astro Upay for Career in Film Industry

Career in Film Industry
However, if Mercury is also strong along with Venus then person will definitely go to film and expression field. At time, Moon also helps to build career in art field. But no one can build their career in glamour field without Venus.

A person builds his career in film due to Venus. He becomes great actor if there is impact of Rahu-Ketu. A person becomes writer or musician if Mercury is strong. People get success in technical field if Venus-Mercury and Mars are strong. People become actor and director when Moon and Venus are strong. People get big name when Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are strong.

Aries: Film line is not suitable for you. They don’t get success in this field.

Taurus: Glamour and film line is very beneficial for them. They might be good singer and actor.

Gemini: They get normal success in glamour industry. They also work in other field along with glamour.

Cancer: They get great success in glamour industry. They get success in acting and direction fields.

Leo: They don’t get success in film industry. They won’t work in film industry for long time.

Virgo: They work in film industry in later age. They get success in direction and writing.

Libra: This sign is very favorable for film industry. People get great success in glamour industry.

Scorpio: They work in glamour industry as hobby not for career. They might be producer and director.

Sagittarius: They don’t like to work with glamour industry. However, they might work with technical field.

Capricorn: Normally, they come in glamour industry by mistake but if they get great success if they stays.

Aquarius: They work only with glamour industry. Usually, they become actor and director.

Pisces: They are actor in normal life. They get success in glamour industry after too much struggle.

You can wear pearl or opal after consulting an astrologer. You should avoid using red color. You can worship lord Shiva’s Nataraj form. Keep your name short and effective. People whose name starts with letter A, S, R, V, P, K and M get great success in glamour and film industry.

Remedy: People who want to go in acting field they should worship lord Krishna. Your competence in acting will increase.

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