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Impaired or weak Mercury creates tooth problems. Weak or impaired Venus creates bugs in tooth. It also create problem in gums. If Mars is impaired in horoscope or Mercury affects Mars then child have weak gums. They also complain bleeding from the gums.

Tooth Related Problems - Astro Upay

Tooth Related Problems
Rahu or Saturn affects Mercury or Mercury is impaired then people get bad smell from mouth. It also creates pyorrhea. Mercury finger is small compared to first part of Sun finger then people have high risk of getting bugs in tooth. If Mercury finger is small or it is moving towards Sun finger then people have risk of getting bugs in tooth.

If Saturn Mountain is suppressed and they get more sweat then people get bad smell from mouth. If Mars Mountain is picking up or Mercury finger is small or there is mole or spot on Mercury Mountain then people have very weak gums. In this case, you should remain very alert about your tooth. You have to take care of your food habits.

If Venus part is suppressed then people should take care of their teeth. There would be shortage of calcium due to Venus. Therefore, people get toothache. The sharpness of teeth reduces. If Venus is impaired or there is impact of Sade Sati in Gochar then people get yellowness on their teeth. In this case, one should immediately start Saturn’s remedy. Yellowness on teeth is the sign of impaired Saturn. You have to do such remedy for Saturn such avoid some kind of food and change your behavior.

Cavity in teeth affects your memory power and concentration. People have weak memory power and concentration when Mercury is impaired. They find difficulty in speaking. You should clean your teeth with Babool. It strengthens your Rahu, Saturn and Mercury. You can also brush your teeth with neem wood. It cleans your teeth and your Mercury become strong. It also cleans your stomach.

Mercury can be strengthening by using alum and Amla. One can use Amla when they face problem in speaking. You can brush your teeth with alum and put camphor powder on bugs.

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