Spiritual Therapy Solves Problem - Astro Upay

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One can solve many problems by their waves and energy. It is known as spiritual therapy. People who are near to god, who has good thoughts, who is calm and have patience, who does meditation they have special waves. 

Spiritual Therapy Solves Problem - Astro Upay

Spiritual Therapy
They affect other people with their positive waves. Many diseases can be cured by spiritual therapy. This therapy is very effective to cure mental and behavioral disorders.

Mother can control child’s hyper activity by doing mediation. You can also take control over anger and cure stomach disorders. Parents can solve Balarisht yoga by spiritual therapy. Parents can solve their children, who stay away due to job or study, problems by doing meditation.

There are seven circles in the body. When the energy from these seven circles spread in the body then mind and body becomes active. Our soul, power, and air get strength therefore; our body and mind become strong. Our memory power and concentration increases. Everyone impress by those who have these types of qualities. It is necessary to do meditation. A person improves himself by doing meditation. Meditation improves Agnya circle. Medical science also authenticated spiritual therapy.

This therapy works only when you keep your body and mind is healthy. People who has good Jupiter or Moon or conjunction of Jupiter-Moon or Jupiter-Venus, they have power of spiritual therapy. However, if you don’t have this power then you should strengthen Jupiter and Moon.

Spiritual therapy cures depression, hyper activity, acidity, lack of life power, vision and nervous system. Parents have to become calm if they want to reduce hyper activity of their children. You can do breathing exercise to strengthen Moon. You can do Pranayama, Nadi Sodhan Pranayama. You can get benefit by doing Rechak, Purak, Kumbhak, Anuloam-Vilom and Bhastrika. Ingla, Pingla and Susumana Nadi remain healthy by doing exercise and Pranayama. You can use silver to strengthen Moon. You can also do meditation seating under Moon light.

You should read or write to strengthen Jupiter. You can read mythology, science and newspaper. You should live under vicinity of idol and elders. You should bow elders to strengthen Jupiter. You have to drink fruit juice. Do not eat heavy food. You have to be calm and avoid anger. You have seat straight by folding your both legs when you seat in meditation.

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