Saturn Planet's Speciality - Why Satrun in Important

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Every planet has its specialty. It has good and bad symptoms which can be seen over the people. We can know the planets by understanding the symptoms. It is easy to identify Saturn’s symptoms.

Saturn Planet's Speciality - Why Satrun in Important

Satrun in Important

Negative: A person would be lanky with harsh speech and bitter nature. Their hair would be dry. They are careless and doodle in nature. They avoid work. However, they change their behavior after big incident. They do bad and wrong deed/work. They face struggle in every point of life.

Positive: A person would be long and lanky. He has thick hair. He is disciplined and diligent. He works hard and gets success. They become spiritual in the middle of their age. They relates with law, transportation or spiritual field. They earn lot of money.

You should take care of your conduct and diet. You have to follow religion and purity. You should worship lord Shiva or Krishna. You have to wake up early in the morning. However, you should avoid sleeping at late night. You can wear light blue color clothes instead of black clothes.

Job: You should light mustard oil lamp under peeple tree on Saturdays. Donate food to poor people. Do not keep sweets in food.

Financial: You have to chant “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah” for 108 times in every evening. You can regularly feed birds. You have to go on Hanuman temple on Saturday.

Health: You can chant Hanuman Bahuk every morning. Take mustard oil in one bowl and see your face and donate it on Saturday. You can get more benefit by planting peeple tree on public places.

Remedy: If you’re facing constant problem in your vehicle or you met with an accident then you should take vermillion from Hanuman’s temple on Tuesday. Mix ghee in this vermillion and write “Hum” on your vehicle. You will get rid of accidents.

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