Predict Future by Nails Shape

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Nails give energy to the body. Nails denote blood circulation, mind and hair. One can also know about his luck through nails. People whose nails are small they don’t get support from their luck due to impatience. They have to do struggle and too much hard work in their life.

Predict Future by Nails Shape

Nails Shape
People face losses from their partners when nails are small, yellow and weak. They face loss due to relations, emotions and partners. You have to be alert from friends, partners and relatives when nails are small, luck line is not strong.

People get success after doing too much struggle when nails are small and foursquare. They should always remain ready from mind for struggle. People spend their life in comfort when their nails are long, round and not rise. They get success easily. They get more success after the age of 24.

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People get worry due to their own habits when nails are long and raised. They have to do hard work. You have to control your anger and keep patience. People whose nails of fingers and thumb are different then they work in different field but they do not get excellence in any field.

If nails are sharp, long along with long and sharp fingers and it has pinkness color then they get success, fame and prestige even though they don’t work hard. This type of woman gets main position in their family. If nails are long, pink, little big and fingers-nails are foursquare then they get too much success.

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The transiting planet impacts on nails, food habits and every field. The color of nails changes during transition of planet. Nails color become purple when Sade Sati starts. People get white spots on nails when Moon is impaired. Nails break when Mars is impaired.

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