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Personality can be measure by voice and speaking style. You can know the main planet by speaking style. Deep voice indicates that a person’s Saturn is very strong. They think too much. 

How to Improve Style of Speaking - Astro Upay

Style of Speaking
Their way of working might be slow. They take decision very carefully and they always remain alert. They get success in later age but it stays forever.

If the owner of the second house is Mercury and it retrograde then his speech will stagger. If someone’s Moon is in second house and it is with Gemini then his speech will change when Moon sets. His voice becomes dull. A person has harsh speech when the Moon is in second house. Therefore, one should take control over their speech.

Sun: People speak with logic and Josh when Sun is strong. They get prestige in family and society. Children behave with authority. However, people speak lie with Robila when Sun is impaired.

Moon: People speak with love when Moon is strong. However, they remain in depression and speak in depressed way when Moon is impaired.

Mars: People speak with power when Mars is strong. They speak until they face breathing problem. Mars gives energy therefore; they speak with energy. However, people speak harsh when Mars is impaired.

Mercury: People speak with logic and expression when Mercury is strong. They have very good memory. People speak with sayings and examples when Mercury is strong. However, people speak too much but in negative way, when Mercury is impaired. They criticize others.

Jupiter: People explain very well while speaking when Jupiter is strong. They understand others are fool. They have motivation of an idol. However, people have anxiety when Jupiter is impaired. One can feel ego in their voice.

Venus: People have versatility in eyes when Venus is strong. They have very good smile. They talk with patience. However, they can’t make eye contact when Venus is impaired.

Saturn: People have deep and serious voice when Saturn is strong. They don’t do josh. At times, they do josh with logic. However, a person has too much ego when Saturn is impaired. They always speak with doubt.

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