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One can know about the knowledge of language by seeing their face. Saturn is responsible for foreign language. It helps you to accomplished success in it. Jupiter accomplished you in your vernacular language. People like their vernacular language if their Jupiter is stronger than Saturn.

How to Improve Language Knowledge - Astro Upay

Improve Language Knowledge
People like English, French, German etc. languages due to Saturn. People have good knowledge of English if their Saturn is relates with first, fourth and fifth house. They make English as their earning source. 

However, people do mistakes in spelling if their Saturn Mountain is suppressed. A person speaks English very well if there are such lines under the index finger and Saturn Mountain is raised.

Mercury gives pronunciation, speaking style and expression. People would be expert in speaking English when Mercury and Saturn are strong. You should chant “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah” to strengthen Saturn. You should wear iron ring in the middle finger.

You must have to speak in front of the mirror. It improves expression and speaking style. It is very beneficial to become good speaker.

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