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It is very important to become social. People avoid to become socialize when Jupiter, Moon and Venus are impaired. People get good friends when Jupiter and Moon are in good position in horoscope. 

How Make Child Social - Astro Upay

Make Child Social
However, if Saturn is impaired, Rahu is in fourth or sixth house or Saturn-Mars is in fourth and sixth house then they don’t get good friends. When Mars, Rahu and Saturn affects fourth and sixth house then one cannot get good friends due to their own behavior.

If Jupiter is the owner of fifth or ninth house or it is main planet then Jupiter become strengthen by socializing with friends, relatives and neighbors. You will get more success. People whose Moon-Venus is in fourth, seventh and first house they get success due to others.

People get more success in partnership when Venus or Moon is in first, fourth and Seventh house. People get more support when Jupiter is in first, fifth and ninth house. They have many contacts that help them in every way. They get more success in public relations field.

One should strengthen Venus, Moon and Jupiter to get success in life. Many times people don’t get success due to more friends. If despicable Jupiter is first, fourth and seventh house or it is in Scorpio or Aries sign then they ruin career due to friends. When Venus and Moon are despicable then one gets cheated from their friends.

Moon, Venus and Jupiter gives good result when you meet good people or elders. One should strengthen Jupiter. You can wear root of turmeric in throat to strengthen Jupiter. You can offer pomegranate flower in your worship or keep in your pocket to strengthen Jupiter.

Attraction increases by doing Ashthgandh tilak on throat, Vishudi or naval. People attract towards you and you can get good friends. You can wear yellow color thread. It increases personality and you can get good friends. You can tie up green color thread. It helps you to make point. You can also wear mixture of yellow and green color thread.

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