How Jupiter Affects your Life-Job-Finance - Astro Upay

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Jupiter is one the main planet in human life and also in astrology, check out how jupiter affects your life, job, marriage and finance.

How Jupiter Affects your Life-Job-Finance - Astro Upay

Affects your Life
Job: Jupiter relates with finance, law and advisory. It balances the income and expenditure of the Job. However, Saturn provides job but Jupiter provides stability and progress in job. If Jupiter is impaired then you might change your job or you get low salary. In this case, you should pour water in the root of banana tree on every Thursday. Donate horse gram and banana on Thursday. You should do this remedy for nine Thursdays.

Marriage: Jupiter decides every woman’s marriage or marital life. Jupiter decides the thought and character of the man’s wife. If Jupiter relates with seventh house then getting marry become challenge. If Jupiter is impaired then wife govern the husband. It will create problem in their marital life. In this case, women should do fast for 11 Thursdays. Chant Madhurashthak three times on these days. Male should wear gold ring in first finger and offer turmeric and water to lord Shiva on every Thursday.

Finance: Jupiter decides earning money and financial stability. If Jupiter is strong then people won’t get shortage of money. However, if Jupiter is impaired then people face shortage of money even though they earn lot of money. Impaired Jupiter might give your poverty. In this case, you should put saffron in bathing water. Mix turmeric in water while pouring to lord Sun. You can wear square piece of gold or brass in yellow thread on Thursday. You should wear it in throat.

Effects: Jupiter creates cancer, AIDS and hepatitis diseases. Jupiter also harms your character and gives you defamation. In this case, you should wear five faces Rudraksh necklace. Chant Gayatri mantra every morning. You should include yellow food in your diet.

Remedy: If you’re getting stress then you should chant Gayatri mantra before going to sleep. You can use light fragrance.

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