How Evil Planets can give Good Result?- Astro Upay

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There are nine planets in astrology. Some planets are auspicious, some are cruel and some are inauspicious. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered sin planets. They have tendency to motivate one’s life towards sin work. 

How Evil Planets can give Good Result?- Astro Upay

Evil Planets can give Good Result
They impact in such a way that if people do such work even though they don’t have its desire. However, at times theses sin planets become auspicious and take a person towards saint and absolution.

Saturn: People would be lazy, careless and harsh when there is bad impact of Saturn. They worship shudra god. They won’t keep cleanliness and do evil work. However, when Saturn gives auspicious results then person lives disciplined life. He follows on spiritual path through meditation and religion. He shows virtuous path to others and established truth. You should worship lord Hanuman to get auspicious results from Saturn. You can donate food, clothes and money.

Rahu: Rahu takes people towards character fall and drunk. Rahu gives habit of conspiracy and upset others. People criticize religion and spiritual due to Rahu. However, if Rahu gives auspicious result then person would be determinant since childhood. They have good intuition power. They choose spiritual path. One should eat pious food to get auspicious results from Rahu. You should worship lord Shiva. You can serve patients and handicapped people.

Ketu: People would be antagonistic of religion and god when there is inauspicious effect of Ketu. They blame god for every problem in their life. At time, they do such activity which imbalance their mind. However, one travels too much when Ketu gives auspicious results. Ketu gives master to the person. He becomes saint. People get success in spiritual activity and absolution. You should take bath regularly. They can go on pilgrimages and auspicious places. They should worship lord Ganesha and do meditation.

Remedy: If you want to get rid from legislation matters then you should go to Hanuman temple and do Aarti on every Saturday.

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