Do you have Stuttering Problem - Astro Upay

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There are two types of activities occurs when we speak, one mentally and other is health. If people have wrong habit of breathing then they stutter. However, stutter problem cannot occur when one speak with concentration.

Do you have Stuttering Problem - Astro Upay

Stuttering Problem
Many people stutter when they get stress and anxiety. Stutter occurs when there is a lack of confidence. Stutter also occurs when people speak in hurry or they get discomfort and distraction. People stutter when mind is unconscious or weak.

One can get rid from stutter by strengthening his will power. People get depression when his Moon is impaired. At times, children don’t make eye-to-eye contact or avoid talking or they see upward while talking or they do some unusual work. If child talks or avoid talking with others then Moon is the responsible. Sometimes people stutter due to such situations and emotions.

One can wear copper coins when they face stutter problem. Drink water in copper glass. You should eat green leafy vegetables. You should eat less spicy food. Try to reduce your stress. You can do meditation. You can wear silver ball and drink water in silver glass.

You should eat Amla when you get stutter problem. You can use Brahmi. You can wear Sarpghandh or Ashwganda.

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