Asthma Problem and its Astro Upay

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Breathing problem relates with attitude. Some people face breathing disorder due to too much thinking. Allergy is the other cause of breathing disorder. People get allergy by different sources. It is easy to identify the cause of breathing problem.

Asthma Problem and its Astro Upay

Asthma Problem
You can identify breathing problem from Saturn, Moon and Venus on palm. You face breathing problem if Saturn part is downward or more upward. If Moon part is more upward or mind line comes directly to Moon Mountain then person get breathing problem due to their attitude. They might get breathing problem due to too much thinking.
People also face asthma problem due to high cough in the body. Asthma occurs if Jupiter part is more upward. Asthma occurs due to allergy if health line is breaking or it directly goes toward Mercury Mountain.

If you get too much cold then you should eat Shitlopaladi, Pippli and Brungraj. You can also wear the wood of Brungraj. If you have allergy then you can tie up Saunth in black thread and cover in your throat. Take lemon powder and cover it in your throat. You can also drink carom seed water. You can tie up green, yellow or red color thread in your right hand’s wrist.

If you feel problem in breath and have weakness in body then take cinnamon mixing honey. Eat it at night. Drink water after having this mixture. People having breathing problem they are emotional. You should give them love and security.

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