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Crying is necessary for everyone as it cleans your heart and mind. One gets confidence after crying. However, over crying is very harmful. One faces problems in eyes, head, ears and other disorders. Moon and Venus inspires the emotions. People cry in normal way when the fourth house in horoscope is balance.

Are you Crying Every Time - Astro Upay

Crying Every Time
People cry in normal way when Moon is balance and it has good impact of auspicious planets. People don’t cry in even adverse situation when there is impact of Saturn, Mars or Rahu on Moon. When Moon is in Kemdrum yoga it means no other planet is located in after and before it or Moon creates conjunction with Ketu, Jupiter or Venus then people cry lot. People have habit of crying when Moon and fourth house in horoscope is imbalance.

A person should wear Rudraksh if he/she cries a lot. It reduces the physical and mental diseases. Crying a lot is the symptom of weak heart and mind. Rudraksh prevents you from this problem. Children can cover their belly with Rudraksh. You can wear gold chain on Sunday or Thursday if it suits you.

You should check bile if you are cry a lot. If hand becomes big, Mountain become suppress and Jupiter finger become big then it is the sign increased bile in the body. If there is whiteness on tongue then bile increases and child cries a lot. If there is abscess in hair then it is the sign of discomfort.

In above cases, one should drink thin milk. Do not eat such food which increases acidity. You should follow regular meal time. Drink plenty of water. You can also intake Aavpatikar powder. You should behave with child in normal way. Children might become irritable due to more freedom. You should do counseling with your child and spend time with them. It is necessary to win the trust of any child.

You must have to maintain good atmosphere at home. Keep your home clean. You should talk and play with your child. His behavior will change slowly.

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