What Gift you will get - by Planets

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People often give gift to each other. People get gift with respect and importance when Jupiter is strong. A person would be supports emotionally, playful, clever and attractive when Venus is strong. Therefore, they receive gift from others. But a person doesn’t get gifts when his Moon, Venus and Jupiter are weak.

What Gift you will get - by Planets

What Gift you will get
When Jupiter, Moon and Venus are strong and they impact on first, fourth and fifth house then person always gets gifts. But when dasha comes to an end and it goes away from first, fourth and fifth house then person won’t get gift.

A person get gifts from such unknown people when their eighth house is strong or Moon, Venus and Jupiter create good yoga. They get money and jewellery from their grandmother. A person get gold gift when his Jupiter is strong while he get silver gift when his Venus is strong. When Moon is strong then person gets daily stuff such as clothes etc.

If Venus Mountain is downward and moving back then he won’t get gifts. However, people whose thumb is big along with Venus Mountain then they get many gifts. They attract others and get the gifts. If Moon part is big and any line joints Moon and Venus Mountain then people get too many gifts. They don’t have shortage of gifts especially between the age of 22 and 32.

If Jupiter Mountain is upward and any line starts from Moon or Mars Mountain and goes towards Jupiter Mountain then they get land, jewelry or vehicle in gifts. When there is yoga of Moon and Jupiter or any line starts from Moon and goes toward Jupiter then they get their desire gifts. But if Moon is weak and any lines meet to Jupiter then they don’t get their desire gift.

When Jupiter, Venus and Moon are weak or Jupiter affects Venus and Moon then they give useful gifts. You should give gifts to strengthen these planets.

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