Scorpio 2016 Horoscope - Scorpio Astrology 2016

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Scorpio Sign people can read here Scorpio HOROSCOPE 2016, Scorpio Astrology, Future Prediction with 2016 Scorpio Horoscope. Health, Love, Career, Financial Horoscope 2016 of Scorpio.

Scorpio 2016 Horoscope - Scorpio Astrology 2016 - Career and Love Horoscope 2016 

Scorpio 2016 Horoscope
Family Horoscope 2016

Siblings and well wishers are going to bring profits for you. Continuous ups & downs seem coming your way. You can expect a sigh of relief after August, but prior to it, be very careful. Equation with your mother will not be that good. But, things look exactly opposite between you and your father. Immense support will come from his side. Happiness is assured for children, but their stubborn behavior might give you major troubles at times. Conjugal life will bestow you with everything you want. Make serious efforts to keep harmony alive between you two.

Health Horoscope 2016

Physical ailments are not foreseen for you this year. However, your daily routine might get affected by laziness. You might look irritated; try to overcome it by being humble. Stomach and heart might face some trouble at sometime.

Finance Horoscope 2016

Jupiter is your lord of second house, i.e. house of wealth. This year, it will remain with Rahu for quite long. Generally, Rahu leads to losses and unrealistic things. Keeping your finances safe and secure is the first step you need to take for the protection of your funds. August 11 will witness Jupiter surpassing Rahu. Invest money anywhere you want after this date, as profits will shower on you. Try to yield maximum benefits from shares as well. Infinite profits will enter your life, if there is Antar dasha or Pratyantar Dasha of Jupiter.

Professional Life Horoscope 2016

Setbacks are possible in your professional life, as Rahu will reside in your tenth house. Along with this, its conjunction with Jupiter will also be the reason behind this situation. Your stubborn attitude and egoistic behavior will affect your work front for all the wrong reasons. Keep your temper under control and remain as calm as you can till August. Conflict with any senior is very much visible on your future cards. Look for the ways to avoid getting into such situation.

Business Horoscope 2016

The time when you should expect high salary has come. Illegal source will double up your wealth. Small scale business will bring rewards for you and you should focus on them. Luck is surely ready to support you this year. Friends and admirers will prove as weapons that will accomplish your important endeavors. Along with so much goodness, this fabulous year will also bring its share of low times. You will face arguments with your business partners or they might betray you. All you can do is being a bit more careful.

Love Horoscope 2016

The wonderful time for love is coming after August. Before this period, your mutual understanding and intellect are the tools to keep your love life on the right path.

S#x Life: Sex life looks pretty good for Scorpions. You will get benefits from it. Married Scorpions will enjoy extreme intimacy with their spouse. Unnatural tendencies might attract you this year.

Cautions: Every time Moon comes in Gemini, avoid traveling. Important decisions need to be postponed when Moon occupies Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Huge investments, purchase of new things, new deals or agreements and major decisions should be strictly avoided from January 9 to January 20, March 7 to April 6, May 1 to May 17, June 25 to July 20, September 7 to September 19, October 8 to November 29 and December 22, 2016 to January 5, 2017.

Remedies: The best remedy for you is chanting of Hanuman Chalisa. Other thing which will help you is keeping your surroundings clean. Jealousy and feelings of envy need to be avoided.


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