Saturn Helps to get Raja Yoga

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Raja yoga means the planetary situation in horoscope where you get more success in less work. When you do hard work and you get failure in every step then it is called as tragically. People face difficulty and they do not get stability due to tragically. 

Saturn Helps to get Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga
But if there is Rajyoga or any auspicious yoga in horoscope then every bad effect dispel. Saturn controls the Karma and its fruits. Therefore, Saturn plays an important role in everyone’s life. Saturn gives fruits based on Karma so it’s Rajyoga and tragically is very effective.

If Saturn is in third, sixth and eleventh place then person would be very mighty. A person would be very courageous and diligent. He can make progress even in difficult situation. If Saturn is in Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra sign then it makes Shashmahayoga. This yoga is very effective in center or triangle. A person gets more success in less hard work. They reach to highest level from the bottom level. It gives happiness like king.

Aanshavatar yoga occurs when there is conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter and Venus in horoscope. It is very rare yoga which makes person divine. A person would be very spiritual and he proves himself. They take birth to complete any special work.

If there is Neechbhangh Rajyoga in horoscope then person get high position in army or administration. If Saturn is in Jupiter’s sing then person will never face shortage of money. There won’t be any spiritual yoga without Saturn.

You should do fast on Saturday. Eat veg and pious food. Pour water and light a lamp with mustard oil under peeple tree on Saturday evening. Take circle of peeple tree. Chant “Om Pram Prim Prom Saha Shaneshwaraye Namah” for 108 times on Saturday evening. Donate food or clothes to any poor on Saturday. Wear light blue color clothes.

Remedy: You can wear blue topaz if you can’t afford blue sapphire. It is effective for the 1 year.

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