LEO 2016 Horoscope - LEO Astrology 2016

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LEO Sign people can read here LEO HOROSCOPE 2016, LEO Astrology, Future Prediction with 2016 LEO Horoscope. Health, Love, Career, Financial Horoscope 2016 of LEO. 

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Family Horoscope 2016

This sign is one among those who are very much fortunate in 2016. Though some ups & downs will pop up, but they won’t stop you from enjoying this year. Things will remain pleasant with spouse. Rahu’s negative impact might separate you while but nothing major will happen. You will have healthy conversation with your father; however, differences are possible with mother. Don’t worry, as it won’t affect your emotional bonding with her. You will coordinate well with your relatives and loved ones. This stability in bonds will bring profits for you.

Health Horoscope 2016

Health of Lions will remain excellent in 2016. Your thoughts might get affected after January 31. However, you need not to worry about anything. Weight seems going up, stay away from butter, Ghee (purified butter), and sweets.

Finance Horoscope 2016

Time to celebrate Lions, as financial life looks really wonderful. There will be less hurdles in your endeavors. Enjoy your life the way it is and don’t bring any change in it. Your continuous hard work and spontaneous passion will keep your income regular. You will witness more money coming to you and funds will increase, after August 11.

Professional  Horoscope 2016

This year will come with goodness for those who are into jobs. No matter which job you are into, you will get appreciation, support of seniors and every luxury that you were yearning for since long. Your endeavors will accomplish before deadline. You might get blessed with any other job too and let us tell you, it will give you more money than what you are getting now. Profits and rewards will double up for those who are going through Maha dasha of Jupiter.

Business Horoscope 2016

The year is very rewarding as you will make immense wealth. Benefits will reach you. These benefits will increase after August. However, natives related to business of real estate will not enjoy that great result. But, things will improve, after August 11. If lottery is not illegal in your state, try your luck in it.

Love Horoscope 2016

Love life will go great for Lions throughout this year. Romance and passion will keep the flame of intimacy strong. Love birds might take their relation to the next level and make the final commitment by tying the knot with their beloved. Peace, love, harmony, and intellect will be seen in your love life. Expect growth in your level of love and romance after August 11.

x Life: Lions are always excited for sexual activities. You will enjoy this pleasure throughout this year. Not only will you feel energetic, but you will get extreme support from your spouse as well. You will enjoy harmony with your sweetheart. Intimacy and pleasure will increase further after August 11. All these favorable things will keep your sex life passionate and pleasurable.

Cautions: Don’t go on any journey when Moon is in Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Keep your mind in control and don’t take major decisions. From January 26 to February 15, refrain from taking financial and personal decisions. Be very careful when Moon resides in Leo, Aquarius, and Pisces. Avoid online shopping from March 28 till April 12. Don’t spend money on expensive things during this time period. Also, avoid investing in share market.

Remedies: If you are going through Maha dasha of Saturn, offer Chola (sacred cloth) to Lord Hanuman for 5 Tuesdays. Perform all the rituals and do charity with all you can. Nothing much is needed to be done, if going through Maha dasha of Jupiter. For those suffering from Rahu or Ketu’s Maha dasha, chant Devi Kawach thrice a day. Last but not the least, recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly, if going through Dasha or Antar dasha of any other planet.


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