Increasing Obesity Increasing Problems

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One should avoid doing dieting. However, you have to do diet management. Excessive dieting is one type of mental disorder. If the Moon part on palm is flat or dent or cutting lines or mole they face mental disorder problem. 

Increasing Obesity Increasing Problems

Increasing Obesity
Those who do excessive dieting their wisdom are low. Their memory power becomes weakens. They cannot meet others properly. They get threat and they cannot share their thoughts with others.

Excessive dieting is one type of compulsive disorder. You should eat balance food. If Jupiter and Saturn are good on palm then obesity increases even if you eat little food. However, if they are weak then you won’t become obese even if you eat lot more food.

If the below part of Jupiter and Saturn finger is thin then person won’t be obese. However, if the below part of Jupiter and Saturn is big and soft then person would be obese. If you become obesity increases then you should do your work on time. You have to run. You have to do such exercise. You can do yoga under the trainer.

Your diet should be balanced. You have to eat on regular time. Avoid intake of fine flour and oily food. Avoid drinking water before and after half an hour of your meal. Drink plenty of water after half an hour. You can eat sprouted grains.

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