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The chances of accidents increase when main planet is weak. If the third house or any inauspicious planet is in third house or the owner of third house is weak then person met with an accidents. One can find the accident from the vehicle by seeing his fourth house. 

How to Prevent Accidents - Astro Upay

Prevent Accidents
One can know about the accidents from third, fourth and eighth house. If the eighth house is weak then person meet with serious accidents. However, if the eighth house is strong then accidents would be small.

One should drive very carefully. When you get such lines on life line which come the from Moon mountain then it indicates that you might meet with an accidents. You face small accidents when such line starts from the root of thumb and cut the life line. You have to do such remedy. You can get rid from this problem by doing regular remedy.

You should do remedy for three planets when you get threat of accidents. Accidents occur due to Mars, Rahu and Saturn. Accident occurs when person become more enthusiastic due to Mars. Lack of concentration is the second cause of accidents. 

When there is impact on Moon or Rahu, Saturn and Mars affects third, fourth and eighth house then person meet with an accidents. Concentration level decrease when Moon and main planet is weak therefore accident increases.

You can get rid from accidents by changing your behavior. One should increase concentration and peace. When Mars is weak then keep water bottle along with you while driving. You can chant Gayatri mantra. You can also chant your dainty hymn or Mahamrutanajay.

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