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There is such yoga which denotes that children might get injury. Mars is the main cause of injury. If Mars is weak or Mars has malefic effect of Saturn or Rahu or Jupiter is not balance in horoscope or Jupiter is not seeing first or eighth house or there is no conjunction and this yoga occurs with Mars then person get serious injuries.

Frequent Wounds - Astro Upay

Frequent Wounds
A person face serious problem. The blood clotting will affect on veins and mind. The body parts or mind become useless. Mars plays an important role in such injury which gets bleeding or broken bones. In this case, one should do such measure to pacify Mars. However, injury won’t stop but the amount of injury decrease and you won’t face many problems.

People injured when Mars has conjunction in fourth, sixth, eighth and twelfth house. Malefic effect of Saturn or Rahu on Mars creates more injury. If both Saturn-Rahu has malefic effect on Mars then injury creates problem whole life. Mars Mountain denotes intensity about the injury. Spots or moles on the mountain of palm denotes about the injuries.

Raised or big or cutting line or moles on Mars Mountain are the symptoms of injuries. These symptoms take six months to appear. This sign disappears in 1-2 months after the injury. If there are spots, lines or such lines on life line then person get injury.

Take wood of Anantmul and tie up in red thread. Cover it in your throat on Tuesday. You should feed jaggery to cow on Tuesday. It is also beneficial to feed jaggery to bull. Do not eat red pepper if your Mars Mountain is raised or life line is cutting. They should avoid wearing red color clothes. You can chant “Om Hum Hanumataye Namah” and “Mahamrutanajay” hymn. You should donate blood.

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