Astrology Remedies of Tremors of Hands

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Saturn and Mars are responsible planets for tremors of hand. Saturn and Mars control the nervous system. It becomes strong if Saturn is good. Mars is important as it provides blood and oxygen to the mind. 

Astrology Remedies of Tremors of Hands

Tremors of Hands
Those whose Saturn and Mars are strong their texture of the body would be good. They don’t do unwanted work. Their thinking would be very clear. They are self confident. Their ability of knowing others and working style would be very clear.

People whose hands or any other body parts tremor without any intention then his nervous system is weak. It happens due to Saturn-Mars. They do not have self confidence. They do not interact with others too much. They are introvert. They live their life on their own. This habit occurs due to Saturn. You spend your life in abeyance which increases frustration. Your heart beat and uneasiness increases. Your hands will tremors. People face many problems after the age of 48 if they do not do such remedy.

The symptoms of neuro disorder good personality, calm nature, good talent but a person try to stay away from others and don’t use logic, anger, pain on backside of head. In this case, you should chant “Om Pram Prim Prom Saha Shaneshwaraye Namah” to strengthen Saturn. You can do massage with mustard oil. Feed/serve leprosy people. Avoid getting gas, acidity in the stomach. Parents try to make their children patient. They should teach them to eat their meal in proper way. You can get rid from neuro disorder in 2-3 years if you learn to eat meal in proper way. You should behave properly with poor, subordinates and servants. It strengthens the Saturn. Electronic items disturbs when Saturn is weak.

To strengthen Mars you should eat such food which increases blood and oxygen in the body. You can do Bhastrika and Anuloam-Vilom. You can also take deep breath. You’ll get oxygen and your Mars become strong. You should play such sports. You can take walk on grass without wearing shoes. You should maintain your relations with siblings.

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