Astro Upay for Poor Handwriting

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One can know about the handwriting from the fifth house and palm. People have good handwriting if there are auspicious planets in the fifth house or such planets have good effects. However, if there are inauspicious planets such as Rahu, Ketu or Saturn or weak Sun and Mars then people have bad handwriting.

Astro Upay for Poor Handwriting

Poor Handwriting
A person has bad handwriting if his Venus is weak in horoscope. At times one hand wringing is good and sometime it is bad when Venus is between two planets. A person’s presentation is very good when Venus is strong. A person’s handwriting won’t be similar when Venus is weak. It happens when there is impact of inauspicious planets on Venus.

A person has bad handwriting if his Moon is disturbed or it has impact of Ketu. It also happens when Moon gets impact from weak Rahu, Jupiter or Saturn. It affects person’s thinking ability. In this case, parents should understand child’s handwriting. They can know child’s thinking power by their handwriting.

Child who bend their finger their handwriting is not good. People who work more on computer and laptop they find difficulty in writing. People don’t have clear handwriting if fingers are knotty and bend. People whose third part on the fingers is big their handwriting is not good at early age. However, it becomes clear and beautiful with ageing. If Moon Mountain is raised then one’s handwriting is depend on their mood.

You should change the thought process of child. One can know about thoughts, concentration and conduct from handwriting. Child should writing with patience. Do not make hurry. You should teach them about beauty. You can also feed sweet curd to your child every day. Take 10-12 piece of crystal and wear it in your throat in any color thread on Friday.

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