When Planets move Reverse - How it Impact your Life

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Retrograde means planets move reverse. When planets come near to the Sun then their speed increases and they become retrograde. Planets speed increase when it becomes retrograde. Planets lose its natural beauty when its speed increases or decrease.

When Planets move Reverse - How it Impact your Life

Planets move Reverse
A person becomes cruel when planet’s speed increases. A person becomes impulsive. Retrograde planets affect a person mind. A person becomes too much impulsive when his main planet retrogrades. A child become stubborn and they want to go ahead before time. However, they always try to find something new.

You can control this situation through care, atmosphere and friends. You should take care when planets come in retrograde. If any retrograde planet, especially Saturn or Mars, is in fifth, sixth or eighth place then women should remain careful about their uterus since childhood.

If Mars, Saturn and Rahu are retrograde in fifth, sixth or eight places then women should pass from operation/surgery. Sometime, it gives many benefits.

You should take shade of an idol, religion, parents and spirituality. Retrograde planets create impatience so person takes wrong decision. But if retrograde planet is in third, sixth, eight or twelfth place then person get Rajyoga after doing too much hard work.

If retrograde planet is in second, fourth and fifth place then child should study with hard work. Children should take advice before taking any decision. If retrograde planet is in fourth place then you should take care while doing friendship.

If retrograde planet is in ninth place then child has to do too much hard work. If retrograde planet is in tenth place then person change his 2-4 jobs. Sun and Moon never become retrograde.

But if Mercury becomes retrograde and it is in second place or it is main planet then it impacts on their memory power and speech.

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