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Some people have strong or weak memory. Some people prepare notes to keep such things in mind. There are two types of memory, short term and long term. People having long term memory they do not forget anything easily. But people having short term memory they do not remember things.

How to Increase Memory - Astro Upay

Increase Memory
Mercury and Jupiter are responsible for memory. Mercury impact on memory when it set or retrograde. Child learns easily if his Mercury is strong. He also easily expresses things. However, memory power would be weak if his Mercury is weak.

It is necessary to have strong Mercury for good memory. Green color increases your memory. You can strengthen your lower or upper part of thumb to increase memory power.

Memory power would be weak if your little finger is small. Tie up the root of Apamarg in thread and wear it throat. You can also intake it. You can tie up the root of Apamarg and Giloy in throat. Take small Harade 2-3 times with water in a day.

Tie up green color thread in your thumb. Stick your tongue with palate while studying. You should keep finger on words while studying. You can do 10-12 times acupressure. It increases your memory power and keeps self-confidence.

Memory power decreases due to gas problem in stomach. Gas increases your anxiety which decreases your memory power. Therefore, you should avoid such food which makes gas in your stomach.

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