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Eyes and body impacted during transition period. Therefore, you have to do fast during this time. During this time, you have to take care of your eyes. When Sun goes behind to Mars then you face eyes problem. You can come to know about your eyes from the position of Sun and Moon in your horoscope.

How to Care your Eyes - Astrology Upay

Care your Eyes
People whose Sun is strong in their horoscope they face less problem relating to eyes. Your prestige and self-confidence decreases when Sun is weak. People do not like to work when Sun is weak. You have to be careful when you get this type of symptoms. You wouldn’t maintain relation with your father. You might face problem in your right eyes.

You face acidity or gas problem and after that you face eye problem. In this case, take Majuphal and Harade in equal amount. Grind them and apply on your eyes. You get swelling on eyes when you have high gas problem. It decreases your vision.

Extract fluid from the banyan leaves and apply it on your eyes from ring finger. When your Sun is very weak then cover your throat by wearing root of banyan tree in white thread. You can chant “Om Dhruni Surayae Namah” by seating under banyan tree. It strengthens your Sun.

Rose water is very beneficial for small children. Mix honey in water and apply it under your eyes. It is useful for remedy to cure dark cells. If you have knots in your eyes then take urine of the cow which is recently pass from delivery. You must have to apply it under your eyes.

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