Horoscope Wise - Which Rudraksh You should Wear

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Rudraksh is the fruit of tree. It has medicinal and spiritual importance. It is believed that Rudraksh origin from the tears of lord Shiva. You can get special benefit by wearing and using it. It is believed that it protect us from premature death and enemies. There are 14 Mukhi Rudraksh available. In addition, there are Gauri-Shankar and Ganesh Rudraksh. 

Horoscope Wise - Which Rudraksh You should Wear

Rudraksh You should Wear
You should wear Rudraksh in red or yellow color thread. It is beneficial to wear on full moon day or new moon day or Monday. You should wear Rudraksh in the amount of 1, 27, 54 or 108. Do not eat non-veg or drink alcohol after wearing it. You can get more benefit if you wear it along with metal. You can get wondrous results by wearing it in copper. Do not wear Rudraksh or its necklace which is wear by someone. Do not wear Rudraksh at bed time.

Aries: Teenmukhi Rudraksh; Taurus: Chhmukhi Rudraksh; Gemini: Charmukhi Rudraksh; Cancer: Domukhi Rudraksh; Leo: Ekmukhi Rudraksh; Virgo: Charmukhi Rudraksh; Libra: Chhmukhi Rudraksh; Scorpio: Teenmukhi Rudraksh; Sagittarius: Panchmukhi Rudraksh; Capricorn: Saatmukhi Rudraksh; Aquarius: Saatmukhi Rudraksh; Pisces: Panchmukhi Rudraksh.

Marriage: You can wear Domukhi Rudraksh or Gauri-Shankar Rudraksh to get early marriage.

Education: You can wear Panchmukhi Rudraksh to get good education and increase concentration.

Health: Wear Ekmukhi or Gyaramukhi Rudraksh to get good health and age.

Job: Wear Teenmukhi Rudraksh to get rid from job related problem.

Bad Habits
: Wear Panchmukhi Rudraksh to get rid from bad habits. There should be Ekmukhi Rudraksh in the middle of it.

Devotion: Wear Gyaramukhi Rudraksh.

You can apply tilak of Rudraksh which increase your glow and beauty. You can get mental peace if you rub Rudraksh and apply it on your soles and forehead. You get good results in exams.

Remedy: Never drink milk or eat curd in copper vessel. It contains sulphate which is poison for the body.

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