Horoscope wise Dhanteras Jyotish Tips

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Dhanterash is celebrated on tryodashi tithi of Krishna Paksh in Kartik month. Diwali starts on this day. This festival is celebrated on 9th November on Monday. You can worship lord Dhanwatari.

Horoscope wise Dhanteras Jyotish Tips

Dhanteras Jyotish Tips
Lord Dhanwatari appeared on this day: There is special worship of Dhanwatari on Dhanterash. In mythology, according to legend, the gods and demons churned the ocean. At the end of the churning sea god Dhanwatari appeared with Amrut urn. On that day, there was tryodashi of Krishna Paksh in Kartik month. Since then, the date is started as opening day of Dhanwatari. In mythology, Dhanwatari has been considered as incarnation of lord Vishnu.

Worship: First take bath and wear clean clothes. Keep an image of idol of Dhanwatari on clean place and you have to seat facing east side. After that chant this mantra.

Satya Cha yen nirant rog vidhut, anvesheit ch savidhi arogyamashay. Gud nigud aushadyarupam, Dhanwatari ch stat pramami nityam.

Then offer rice by feeling place of worship seat. Rinse water. Offer pictures odor, abir, gulal, flower, rice etc on image of Dhanwatari. Offer kheer in silverware. (You can offer kheer in other pots if you don’t have silverware) Rinse water once again. Offer pan, clover and betel nut for mouth freshener. Offer mauli (clothes) to lord Dhanwatari. You can offer Shankpushpi, basil, Brahami to lord Dhanwatari. You can chant this mantra to destroy disease.

Om Ram Rudra Rog Nashay Dhanwantaye Phat.

After that offer coconut and dakshina to lord Dhanwatari. At the end you should do Aarti from camphor.

According to astrology, Dhanteras is very auspicious day for shopping. It gives you benefit for long time. Let us know what to buy according to your zodiac sign from Astrologer Pandit Manish Sharma from Ujjain.

Aries: You should avoid buying iron and iron stuff as Saturn has low effect. You can buy gold, silver, pots, jewelry, diamond and clothes. Do not buy leather and chemical.

Taurus: It is auspicious to buy gold, silver, brass, diamond, computer, pots etc. You can also buy saffron and sandal. However, avoid buying fertilizers, vehicles, oil, leather and wooden stuff.

Gemini: It is auspicious to buy land, houses, plots etc. You can also buy sapphire, gold and silver.

Cancer: It is beneficial to buy white stuff, silver and electronic goods. The investment would be beneficial. You can also buy new vehicle, clothes, utensils, wooden furniture etc.

Leo: Due to Saturn’s dhayya you should buy anything on your family member’s name rather than your name. You can give gifts to children. Avoid buying gold. Do not invest in stocks.

Virgo: You can buy the land. Do not buy white clothes. You can also buy diamond and gold. It is beneficial to buy silver, electronic goods, vehicle, furniture etc.

Libra: If you want to buy any necessary item then you should buy in the name of another member of the family. Please wait for the investment. You can buy anything other than iron. Avoid buying vehicle.

Scorpio: Your sign is affected from Saturn’s Sade Sati. Therefore, avoid anything purchase on your name. However, you can buy anything on your family member’s name. Do not buy iron stuff. You can buy silver, pottery, bronze, clothes. Buy branded goods.

Sagittarius: The vision of Jupiter provides you benefit of land-property. You can get benefit from precious metals. You can also buy diamond and precious stone.

Capricorn: Time will be very good. You will receive the benefit in all of the items purchased. Clothes and gold will give a special advantage. Household consumption will be useful object.

Aquarius: It would be beneficial to buy books, vehicle, electronics goods, wooden furniture and decorating goods. The time is good for investment. Avoid buying fixed assets.

Pisces: It is good opportunity to buy gold, silver, precious stones etc. Investment in fixed assets will not be good. Also avoid stock. You can get benefit in clothing.

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