Do you always Lost your Things? - Astrology Connection

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One can check loss of things from sixth, eleventh and twelfth house. You might face losses due to Moon in fourth, sixth, eighth and twelfth house. Stuff disappears due to combination of Rahu and Moon. You won’t find that stuff if there is combination of Saturn-Mars. But you get disappear stuff if there is Venus, Jupiter or any auspicious planet supports you.

Do you always Lost your Things? - Astrology Connection

Lost your Things
Usually, you won’t get your disappear stuff or you might get it later on if they are disappear on Saturday. But if there is impact of Jupiter then you will find your disappear stuff when you need it.

Your stuff disappears if there is dasha of Rahu, Ketu or Mercury in your horoscope. If you’re passing from Sade Sati or Dhaya then your stuff disappears momentarily. If your sign is Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces then your stuff disappears constantly. If your radix is 2, 4 or 8 or you have blue color dog or you have black color car then your stuff disappear.

You’ll definitely get your stuff back if they are disappearing on Monday or Wednesday. You get your stuff back if you do such remedy when they disappear. When Jupiter is strong or it has impact of Jupiter then you get your disappear stuff. You get your disappear stuff back when Sade Sati or Dhaya is going or your radix is 5, 7 or 9.

Disappear stuff indicates the condition of planets. It is not auspicious disappear gold but it is very auspicious to find it. Loss of glass or handkerchief is not auspicious but to find them is very auspicious. Loss of clothes indicates you might face any disease. If you loss your gemstone then it is auspicious. It indicates that you get rid from any big problem. If you lose any beauty products during auspicious work then it indicates you become healthy.

Take white handkerchief when you lose your stuff. Keep one rupee coin in the middle of it. Tie up the handkerchief from four corners and keep it in your worship place. You’ll find your stuff within 24 hours.

Remedy: Do not wear pearl in silver if you have cold-cough problem. You can either avoid wearing pearl or wear pearl in gold.

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