Astrology Upay for Itching Problem

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If Mercury is affected by Rahu or Saturn then Itching problem occurs. If Rahu or Saturn affect second, third or eighth house or Saturn affect main planet then people face itching problem. If any inauspicious planet impact on Mercury or Saturn affect main planet then Itching occurs.

Astrology Upay for Itching Problem

There are three types of irritation, Neuropathic, Neurogenic and Psychopathic. Itching occurs due to diseases in Neuropathic and Neurogenic people. But change in behavior is the cause of itching in psychopathic. 

Thyroid is another cause of itching. If you get too much itching in hands, legs with irritation then you should do thyroid test.

You can also check sugar test along with thyroid. Bile occurs more when you have urticaria. Body won’t change according to season when there is impact of Rahu-Saturn on Mercury or Saturn’s impact on main planet. People face itching problem after taking bath. Some people face itching after getting sweat when they play sports.

If you’re getting itching on stomach then you might get intestine infection. You might face itching problem due to obesity. Itching occurs when points on the body closes. People have less capacity to take stress when his main planet is affected by Saturn. But they are very ambitious.

Rahu is the cause of itching in hair. You might face itching in head and skin due to Rahu. Itching occurs due to mirthless mind. Itching also occurs due to acidity. Itching occurs due to having too much oily and spicy food.

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