Why to feed Birds and Animals During Pitru Paksha

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It is believed that our pitra comes on earth and gives us blessing during Pitrapaksha. It comes to us in the form of birds. 

Why to feed Birds and Animals During Pitru Paksha

Birds and Animals During Pitru Paksha
These birds and animals are cow, dog, crow and ants. You must have to take some part from your food. You must have to take five parts for cow, dog, crow, ants and god. It is known as Panchbali.

The first holocaust should be given by lighting kanda. Take out little food for five places. Keep food on leaf for cow, dog, ants and god. Keep food on land for crow. After that worship so that our pitra gets peace and happiness. You can eat once you do Panchbali.

Dog is the element of water. Ants are the element of fire. Crow is the element of air. Cow is the element of earth. God is the element of sky. We gratitude to these five elements by giving food to them. Cow has all five elements. Therefore, you should serve cow during Pitrapaksha. Pitra get gratification and finish the shradh if you serve cow. You can feed grass to her.

Pitra get absolution if you worship cow during Pitrapaksha. It is similar to feed Brahmin if you feed grass to cow. If you use panchgavaya (ghee, milk, curd, butter and cow mud), during Pitrapaksha then you can get rid from pitra dosh. You can get rid from every problem if you serve cow.

Remedy: It is very beneficial to worship lord Shiva during Pitrapaksha. It gives peace to forefather’s soul.

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