Venus and Astrology - How Venus Can Change Your Life

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Venus is considered for happiness and prosperity. There is no much information about Venus. We don’t get much benefit due to its unknown importance. Your luck increase between the age of 22 and 24 if your Venus is strong. A person has magnetized personality. 

Venus and Astrology - How Venus Can Change Your Life

Venus and Astrology
Jupiter and Moon also give attraction but not like Venus. Venus gives versatility and seductive personality. A person has good art of speaking. They get more love from aunt, maternal uncle and sister-in-law. They move their eyes and waist while talking. It is necessary to have strong Venus who works in expression field.

Venus-Moon gives high popularity. Men get married on time if their Venus is strong. Their marital life would be happy and they get love and respect from women. Cough remains in control and your character would be good if Venus is strong. White blood cells are in high amount if your Venus is strong. If Venus gets support from Mars then your skin would be very good. You get splendor after the age of 24. They get more benefit even though they do less work.

Your cough becomes imbalance if Venus is weak. You might face many diseases due to weak Venus. The problem might increase if the combination of Venus-Mars is impaired. It creates more problems in women. If sixth, seventh, eighth place are affected then you face problem relating to uterus. You won’t get benefit even if you do regimen. 

A person thinks too much if there is impaired combination of Venus-Jupiter. A person would be intelligent and his sixth sense is very powerful. They might become mad. You face problem in marital life if the combination of Venus-Moon is impaired. You’ll take wrong decision. You get pain in ankles, waist, spots on face and cheek. If you have spot on your left cheek then your Venus is weak. You also face diabetes problem due to weak Venus.

Pancreas disturbs due to impaired Mars-Venus. Insulin level decrease in the body. Children face diseases due to bad food habits. If part of Venus on palm is downward then father might get diabetes. Venus governs our emotions. The mountain of Venus should not downward. If thumb is big and you have such cut lines on mountain of Venus, spots on it then your Venus is weak. 

Weak Venus affects your character. You won’t get balance life and you face diseases. Your cheek would be dry due to weak Venus. There would be dark circles under eyes and it would be dull. They keep their foot outside when they walk. The center part of abdomen would be big. They take interest to build relations with computer, films and opposite sex. They love to eat sweets.

You can wear silver ring in thumb. Tie up 8-10 roots of Sarpokha in white thread. Wear it during sunrise on Friday. Do not eat sweets at night. Children can drink cracked milk at night. It gives strength and shine on the face. 

Their mind also becomes powerful. You can chant Gayatri mantra to strengthen your Venus. You should keep happy your Jupiter to get strong Venus. You can chant Jupiter psalm. Take 1-2 basil leaves, black pepper and chew it in the morning. You can eat makhana kheer mixing green elaichi to strengthen your Venus. You can also eat Sabudana kheer and papad.

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