Symptoms of Pitru Dosh

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Pitru dosh occurs due to Rahu, Ketu, Mercury and Jupiter. It affects your three generation. There would be fight between family members when you have such dosh in your home. However, they love each other very much when they are away but when they come or stay together or they fight with each other. Children get married at later age. Family becomes smaller. 

Symptoms of Pitru Dosh

Pitru Dosh
It is very difficult to proliferate when you have Pitru dosh. You won’t be able to save money. Many people face diseases. They do several remedies but it won’t help them.

The owner of family gets irretrievable disease. Planet rises in the home and later on there would be crack. Guest won’t get happiness from you. Women get abortion. Family members face problem in business/job and children don’t get desire result in their education. 

There won’t be happiness in siblings. There will be fight between husband and wife. Family members face hair fall and abdominal pain. They face blood disorder.

You have to feed grass to cow, crow and dog. You must have to light a lamp in the evening. Do not keep any stuff under the stairs. Do not let water at the entrance of the home. It is auspicious to see water when you go outside but it is inauspicious to see when you enter in the home. You must have to serve dog. You should plant peeple tree. 

You can also plant banana tree. But do not plant peeple and banana tree in your home. Try to maintain happiness in your home. You have to respect your elders. Those who’re not get married then you can tie root of orange tree in your throat. 

You should wear it in orange color threat on Thursday morning. You should memorize your forefather. You should give them libation. You should apologize them.

You can chant lord Ganesh’s name such as “Vinayak, Gajanan, Ganesh, Lambodar, Ekdanta, Vakratunday, Vidhanrajay, Bhalchandra, Ganadip, Vikat, Heramb, Krishanpigaksh, Aakrugh and Gauriputram”.

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