Sun and Your Eyes - Sun Can Improve Your Eye Sight

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Sun is the source of light. You can’t see anything without light. You face eye related problem due to weak Sun. 

Sun and Your Eyes - Sun Can Improve Your Eye Sight

Sun and Your Eyes
But if there bad planets impact on Sun then you faces dangerous eye disease. If there is Sun grahan yoga then person may become blind. If Sun is strong then person will come out from every eye problem.

You must have to offer water to the Sun. You have to give respect to your father. You can chant “Om Aditya Namah”. You can do fast on Sunday. Do not intake salt and ginger on Sunday. If you’re unable to see or your vision is not clear then you can do Chakushi Vidya.

It is the Gayatri Chand. It is mention in Krishna Yajurveda. Lord Sun has been worshiped for safety of eyes. It has wonderful hymn. There are 3 hymns. If you chant this mantra regularly then you can get rid from eye disorders.

You can start chanting this mantra on Sunday morning. Keep fast on Sunday. Offer water to the Sun. After that chant this Chand for 12 times. You have to do this for 12 Sundays. Avoid intake of salt, ginger and mustard oil on Sunday. If you’re unable to read this hymn then any family member can read it for you.

Remedy: When you offer water to the Sun then do not observe that where water is going. Water is important till your waist.

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