Sign of Mangal Dosh on Palm and Delay in Marriage

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It is very important to find the Mangaldosh. 70% people have mangal. Do not afraid if you are manglik. You can get rid from this problem. 

Sign of Mangal Dosh on Palm and Delay in Marriage

If boys have too many lines under the thumb, as shown on the above figure, then it is the sign of Mangaldosh. If there are many lines under the little finger and it cuts each other then you won’t get happiness in marital life. Also, the part under the little finger is downward then you should take care of your character. In this case, you should expect less from others. You should worship your god. Take control over your anger.

If your litter finger and index finger goes outside then you won’t maintain harmony in your marital life. A line comes from thumb and it cuts life line then it is not good sign. Your marital life will disturb from someone.

You should serve your mother, monk-saint and monkeys. Avoid wearing and using red color. Donate sugar, honey and jaggery on Tuesday. Wash the rice and flow it in water. You should wear silver ball on your body. You can chant Mahamrutanajay mantra. You can pour sugarcane juice on Shivaling on Monday.

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