Predict Education of your Child via Palmistry

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Many or most of parents always worried for their child's education.So here is simple tutorial by which you can read your child's palmistry lines and know how much your children will take education.

Predict Education of your Child via Palmistry

Education of your Child
A child is very clever if Mind line is making curve as shown on the below figure.Such Curve are like mentioned in image below;

But, if your life line has cuts then you do not have tendency to learn. It decreases your skill and hard work.

Children face problems in their education if above line splits in two parts. If there are spots or dark line at the starting of life line then children face health related issues. He becomes physical weak. If mind line is going downward and has spots then child won’t apply his mind on study.

If Jupiter Mountains is downward and it has many lines then child won’t concentrate on his study. In this case, he can do Pranayama. Avoid juicy food. They can drink coconut water and Shankpushpi.

If you have such lines and spots as shown on the above figure then you have to work hard. You have to sleep early in the night and wake up early in the morning.

You have to prepare notes when you study. Study in segments. Always follow your time table. You can wear silver ring in thumb to increase your concentration level.

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