Planets Responsible for Anger

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There are many planets which increase your anger. People whose Moon is weak they face irritation. Rahu-Ketu also creates irritation. Hypothalamus and amygdale are responsible for anger. 

Planets Responsible for Anger

Responsible for Anger
Neurotransmitter and hormone is the carrier of hormone. Weak Moon and Mars weakens the body system. In addition, if Sun is weak then his life becomes hopeless.

Epinephrine, nor epinephrine, hormones and neurotransmitter balance imbalance. It increases the blood pressure and mind imbalances. Muscles do not pass the message to the brain in proper way. The rapport between brain and body imbalance. Memory power decreases due to anger. Sometimes they become absent minded. It affects you from head to the bottom.

Do not wear gold if you’re getting angry. You should use more silver. You can drink water in silver glass. You should avoid wearing ruby, coral, emerald and red sandal necklace.

Those who get more anger they should drink water in silver glass five times in a day. You should keep your face on north side while drinking water. Take deep breath before drinking water. If you get anger then do Bhastrika and take deep breath.

Avoid sugar and sweets. Do not use more spices in your diet. You can do Anuloam-Vilom every morning-evening. You can wear root of Khirani in white thread on Monday. You can eat juicy fruits. You should increase intake of calcium. You can increase vitamin D products in your diet. Whenever you get anger then you should chant “Om”. 

You can take retreat of an idol. You can do tilak of Ashthgandh on your forehead. Ashthgandh can be with the mixture of “Agar, Tagar, red sandal, kastoori, gorochan, saffron and camphor.

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