Planets and Related Problems in Horoscope Part 1

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Here is astrology tutorial by which you can identify the planets related problems from your hand and horoscope.  

Planets and Related Problems in Horoscope



If you get stars or dots as shown on above figure then you will face problem in marital life, skin and liver due to weak Jupiter. 
Sometimes, you don’t get promotion or increment in your job. If you have such lines above the mind and life line, as shown on the above figure, then you might not work with honesty. You might have ego. In this case, you can do Pranayama. You can serve cow and take vicinity of an idol.


If you have such lines, as shown on the above figure, then your Venus is weak. You might face diabetes. Your electronic items go down very quickly. You’ll be getting married at later age. It won’t give happiness from your child. In this case, you should live happy. Do not use electronic items. You can run. You should drink milk. 



If the below part of middle finger is downward and it has Trishul image, as shown on the figure, then a person has to struggle in his life. If index finger and middle finger are sticky then it increase struggle in your life. You can do shitali activity, Kapalbhati and Pranayama. You should clean your home. Avoid using black color.


If your luck lines starts from the bottom and stops in the hole of Rahu, as shown on the above figure, then it is not good. You will face obesity. You might face serious diseases and weight loss. You have to do struggle in your life. You might face gout problem. It increases uric acid in your body. A person won’t get stability in his life due to Ketu. 

In this case, you should do meditation. Keep your behavior and character clean. Do not tell lie. Avoid criticism. You can serve dog. You can worship lord Hanuman and Shiva.

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