November 2015 Horoscope - Astrology Prediction For Each Zodiac Sign

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Astrological Prediction for November 2015 Month, November 2015 Horoscope for All zodiac sign. For all the visitor of astro upay, here is the monthly prediction for all zodiac sign for the month November 2015. here is monthly astrology prediction for November 2015.

November 2015 Horoscope - Astrology Prediction For Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Profits can come from in laws. This is a great month for love birds to tie the knot. Your power, encourage will increase. Destiny will give full support in domestic matters. Siblings and friends will also support. But luck will not support much regarding income. Income will increase but expenses will be even bigger. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses. Traveling will remain fruitful. Overall, this is going to be an average month. Donate a red clothe, besan laddoo and grams at any religious place. Don’t wear green and black clothes. Avoid consuming alcohol and non-veg food. Stay cautious from fire and iron goods. You can perform Rudrabhishekam. Auspicious dates are 10, 17, 18, 27 and 28. Inauspicious dates are 3, 5, 13, 22 and 30.

Taurus: Enemies will try to dominate during this time. Take care of your health specially your eyes. Month is good for well being and prosperity of family. But time is not that favorable for you stay cautious from servants and financial matters and regarding your relationship. Useless traveling is also possible which will not result in favor. Losses can also arise from the side of children. Pregnant ladies need to stay more careful. Avoid addiction and illegal works. Establish Kuber yantra for getting success in business. If you’re going to travel in north direction take curd and mishri before leaving. Chant “Om Ram Rahvey Namah” hymn 70,000 times and make donation to pacify Rahu. Avoid red and yellow color food items and clothes. Maintain a safe distance from fire. Donate wheat and offer water to Sun to gain his blessings. Auspicious dates are 4, 7, 12, 15 and 23. Inauspicious dates 1, 3, 9, 17 and 25.

Gemini: This month is bringing success for all. Students will get success in education. Those who are in job will get promotion and much more. Your confidence and courage will also remain high. You’ll be able to accomplish important task with the help of your siblings or a friend. Your income will be good and success will come in legal matters. Any auspicious can take place at home. You’ll get benefits from foreign relations. New opportunities or success in government and state related tasks. Keep a good control over your diet. Avoid intake of cold products. Also, don’t take products that create stomach problems. Donate rice, curd, milk and white clothes according to your capability. Offer milk to lord Ganesha regularly. Offer red flower to goddess Bhagwati. Keep your children away from iron instruments. Also, avoid traveling at night. Auspicious dates are 3, 4, 9, 14 and 19. Inauspicious dates are 11, 22, 26, 27 and 28.

Cancer: Some unwanted may occur this month. Lots of profit will come from father and higher officials. Domestic pleasure will increase and you will spend on maintenance of home. Over enthusiasm may lead toward negativity. Health problems of mother may bother you this time. Some expense is also possible on her health. Tension will occur due to children. Unnecessary journeys are also possible. Enemies might try to harm you. Stay cautious about your health especially if you are patient of diabetes or thyroid. Offer coconut and Durva to lord Ganesha. Worship goddess Kali will keep you away from opponents and hidden enemies. If enemies are creating troubles continuously sit in front of lord Hanuman idol and reside Bajrang Bann. Leave every kind of addiction specially alcohol. Wear coral ring made in copper on Tuesday for increasing respect and faith. Take care of your parents. Auspicious dates are 7, 9, 12, 19 and 27. Inauspicious dates are 2, 3, 8, 13 and 18.

Leo: You may have to go away from home this month. Difficulties may come in domestic life. You may have to stay away from life partner due to increased disputes or because of some other reasons. Try to resolve all the disputes. Your friends and siblings will support a lot in difficult situation at home. Don’t take any decisions in a hurry. If possible delay the major decisions to related family. You’ll face difficulty in gaining money but gain of respect and honor will be there. People associated with the field of parts will get appreciation and their reputation will also improve. You’ll get new contracts. Your children will support and success will come in education. Keep a control on your words and avoid any kind of addiction. Make donation to please Saturn. Perform the Havan for Saturn using black sesame, jaggery and ghee. Auspicious dates are 9, 16, 20, 24 and 27. Inauspicious dates are 3, 10, 11, 19 and 30.

Virgo: There are chances of difficulties in job and business. Income might lose the balance and expenses might increase. You have to work on your married life. It will become difficult to maintain sound relationship with business partners. If you’re thinking of starting new work or business; delay your plans for some time and don’t think of doing business in partnership. Differences of opinions may occur with father or higher officials. So try to coordinate with them otherwise you may have to face heavy losses. Postpone your journeys if not very important. Your reasoning power will be very strong and you will solve many problems form that. But you’re advice not to take any risk. Stay careful while traveling and work place. Stay away from drugs. Make efforts to please Rahu. Visit lord Bhairav temple on Sunday or Tuesday. Reading Vishnusahstranaam by yourself would be very beneficial. Auspicious dates are 9, 14, 15, 17 and 23. Inauspicious dates are 4, 5, 6, 20, 21 and 29.

Libra: Your decision making ability will improve a lot. Speech remains serious and logical power will increase. Social circles and contacts with influential people of the society will increase as well. You’ll be able to put a good impression on them. Income will come from more than one source. There are good chances of getting success in business and promotion in job. Enemies will not be able to stand in front of you. Your health will remain good but maintain a safe distance from fire and drive very carefully. Disputes are possible with elder siblings so take care while talking with them. Journeys will produce desire results especially of west direction. Luck is supporting you and will get results of hard work. Stay cautious from fire. This month is going to produce some great results if you will stay away from proud and anger. Worship goddess Bhagwati and offer grains to pigeons. Auspicious dates are 6, 11, 12, 19 and 23. Inauspicious dates are 2, 8, 14, 20 and 21.

Scorpio: Financial losses are possible so don’t take any risk. If you’re into business income may reduce to some extent. You’ll initiate some new in society which will increase influence. Respect and fame will also increase. You will get in award from somewhere. Success will come in land and property related matter or you can also try something new. Anyone close may turn into an enemy or some unexpected enemies may also come up. Patient of high blood pressure and diabetes are advice to take special care of themselves. Take care of your eyes while traveling. Stay away from alcohol or drugs completely. Visit to the temple of lord Hanuman, Bhairav or goddess Mahakali before travelling. Auspicious dates are 1, 4, 13, 14 and 22. Inauspicious dates are 9, 16, 17, 24 and 28.

Sagittarius: You will get profit from father and higher officials. Luck will support. Cooperation and benefits come from life partner. If you’re trying going to abroad results may come in your favor. Your decision making ability will be great. Happiness will come from children and success will come in competition. Troubles due to enemies will come to an end. But disputes or difference may occur with siblings. You are advice to stay cautious form servants and try to make them happy. Make donations to pacify Rahu and Saturn on Wednesday and Saturday respectively. Worshiping lord Vishnu can increase your luck. Stay away from alcohol, bad company, anger and ego. Because these things will increase problem in Saturn Sade Sati. Auspicious dates are 4, 5, 6, 16 and 24. Inauspicious dates are 1, 9, 14, 15 and 28.

Capricorn: Time is not favorable. Maintain your calm and patience. Disputes are likely to arise with father or senior officials. Don’t involve in any disputes of ancestral properties because results may not come in favor. Health will remain weak so take care of yourself. Family members will support and special support will come from mother. Profits are likely to come from foreign land. You may also go on pilgrimage. Your trust will increase in god and religion. Little confusion will be there in your mind. Try to keep yourself calm. Wait for the right time to start anything new or for taking any financial risk. Take special care of your health. Avoid wearing red and yellow clothes. Keep a check on your eating habits. Worshiping lord Shiva will produce favorable results. Auspicious dates are 5, 6, 7, 22 and 28. Inauspicious dates are 2, 9, 13, 14 and 25.

Aquarius: Any good news likely to come from children. If you are taking part in any competition, there are good chances of getting success. Life partner will support in helping in gaining profits. But some disputes are also possible. Full support will come from siblings. Your family members will be pleased with your behavior and work. Journeys will be favorable. Support from higher officials with slight differences. Financial situation will also improve. Take care of your health. Donate lentils and grams in lord Hanuman’s temple. Use fragrance of white flowers before leaving home. Avoid consuming cold and sweet products. Auspicious dates are 5, 9, 14, 20 and 21. Inauspicious dates are 2, 7, 12, 17 and 30.

Pisces: Give special attention to your married life. Handle it with love and care. Spend time with your life partner and keep it check on your behavior. Don’t hurt your love partner in any situation. Financial losses are possible. Stay away from deep water bodies. Enemies might dominate. Your partnership will likely to break or it may bring some losses. You may feel tense about your child’s heath. If you are about to take participate in any competition increase your efforts. Keep control on unnecessary expenses and journeys. Keeping your anger, ample, words and excitement under control. Don’t eat hot products and don’t wear green and black clothes while traveling. Worship lord Shiva. Auspicious dates are 3, 6, 12, 15 and 24. Inauspicious dates are 7, 11, 19, 23, and 29.

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