Meaning of Planets Rise and Sink

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Planets have special speed in which they meet other planets. It creates such yoga. Planets make combination with Sun. Sometime due to impact of Sun other planets set. 

Meaning of Planets Rise and Sink

Planets Rise and Sink
In this situation, planet doesn’t have any power. If the planet is harmful then it won’t affect you. But if the planet is favorable then you won’t get good benefit. Sun never sets while Mercury sets maximum time.

Moon: You face mental disorder when Moon sets. A person won’t get happiness from women or mother. Women face special diseases. In this case, you have to give respect to women. You must have to wear silver in anyway.

Mars: Your courage and self-confidence decreases when Mars sets. You won’t be able to maintain relations with your family members. Sometimes, it creates crime activity in person. However, if there is mangal dosh then it become ineffective. In this situation, you can sleep on the floor or low floor bed. You have to wear copper in anyway.

Mercury: Your intelligent won’t remain sharp if Mercury sets. You won’t be able to take right decision. Sometimes, they face epilepsy and mental disorders. A person thinks in negative way. In this case, you have to chant Gayatri Mantra. You can eat green vegetables without using oil-spices.

Jupiter: You might involve in bad habits if Jupiter sets. You face serious stomach problem. If you’re woman then it will be difficult to maintain your marital life. In this case, you have to offer turmeric mixing water to lord Sun. You have to wear gold in anyway.

Venus: A person won’t get happiness if Venus sets. It creates problem in marital life. A person won’t be effective. You might face diabetes and eye disorders. In this case, you must have to eat curd after your meal. You can apply light fragrance on your body.

Saturn: Struggle increases if Saturn sets. You have to do hard work in your professional career. A person might face poverty. In this case, you have to light mustard oil lamp under peeple tree on Saturday evening. You can help your elders and your superiors. You can wear iron ring in middle finger.

Remedy: Take bath and go to the temple on Tuesday. Stand in front of lord Hanuman and chant Hanuman Chalisa. You can get rid from Mars related problems.

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