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Trees and plant have soul. It feels every type of negative and positive energy. Some trees give only negative energy while some gives positive energy. It is believe that forefather lives on auspicious trees. You can get special mercy if you worship and plant auspicious trees in Pitra paksha.

Importance of Pitru Paksha and Tree - Astro Upay

Importance of Pitru Paksha and Tree
Peeple: It is very auspicious tree in Hindu religion. It gives extreme benefits if you plant or worship during Pitrapaksha. You can pour water and light lamp under peeple tree regularly. You should plant peeple tree if you have Guruchandal yoga or Pitru dosh in horoscope. You can serve it.

Banyan: It is the tree which gives you absolution and age. If you have age problem then you should plant banyan tree. If you feel your forefather doesn’t get absolution then you should worship lord Shiva under banyan tree. You can get more benefit by doing meditation and circle sitting under banyan tree.

Bail: It is favorite tree of lord Shiva. It gives absolution to you. It gives peace to unsatisfied soul if you plant this tree during Pitrapaksha. Pitra gets absolution if you offer Bail Patra and Gangajal on new moon day of Pitrapaksha.

Ashok: It is believed that where there is ashok tree you won’t get sorrow. You can keep its tree on the entrance of the gate. It removes negative energy. It also removes pitra dosh.

Tulsi: It is believe that one leaf of Tulsi takes you to the heaven. You can plant basil after his/her cremation. Forefather definitely gets absolution if you plant and serve basil in Pitra paksha. You must have to offer water to it. Do not pour water on Sunday. A family member won’t die suddenly or you won’t face diseases if you serve basil. You can wear wood of bail in your throat and worship for better life.

Remedy: Do not establish Shani’s image or idol in your home. It increases struggle in your life.

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