Importance of Garuda Purana

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Garud is the son of Kashyap Rishi and the vehicle of lord Vishnu. The north mythology denotes project. It gives absolution to anyone.

A person gets punishment according to his good or bad work. Garuda Purana explains this hell and heaven. It also denotes special mental situation of anyone. It is symbolic but not actual. 

Importance of Garuda Purana

Importance of Garuda Purana
However, you have to suffer with these actual results in your life. These results are actual and mental.

Use of basil leaf and Kush gives you absolution. Basil leaf contains medicinal properties while Kush removes negative energy and increases your energy level. You should keep your rituals clean and worship your god. It helps you to get rid from misdeed and gives absolution.

It is also beneficial to donate water and milk. You should leave under the vicinity of an idol. It helps you to get rid form misdeed and a person become good and gets absolution.

You must have understood the nature of Garuda Purana. If you understand it properly then you can chant it anytime. It is very beneficial to chant it on new moon day. It won’t create threat if you understand it properly. You should chant Bhagwadgita along with Garuda Purana.

Remedy: You must have to take care of your food, thoughts and conduct during Pitrapaksha. Otherwise, you won’t get benefit from your good work.

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