How to Improve Rahu? - Astrology And Rahu

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There are two types of planets; one is planet and shadow planet. Moon moves around the earth. There are two axis of Moon i.e. South and North. These two axis move on the reverse direction. Rahu-Ketu moves on the reverse direction. Rahu dasha takes 18 years to finish. 

How to Improve Rahu? - Astrology And Rahu

There are two polls of earth. Rahu-Ketu is not independent. They increase or decrease other planets effect. Rahu behaves like Saturn and Ketu behaves like Mars. If Saturn is good then Rahu is also good in horoscope. If Mars is good then Ketu is also good in horoscope.

Ketu impacts on our mind and self-confidence. If any planet is angry then it becomes angry how much you do remedy. If our moral is strong then it won’t affect us.

Rahu gives energy in the body. Those who are in army their Rahu is strong. If you want to go in police and politics then your Rahu should be strong. You won’t reach to high position in politics without Rahu-Mars. Rahu gives energy and forcefulness. Hyperactive children whose Rahu is strong then it impacts to the Moon. They get good name with the help of Rahu.

90% People have hole in their palm. It creates misfortune if it is too much deep. You have to work very hard. The water tap would be weak when your Rahu is weak. Electricity won’t work proper and there would be leakage in the home. There would be dandruff in your hair, skin rashes and spots on your legs. Your voice becomes harsh. You might face thyroid problem. Good sportsman never stops to play. Rahu storage the energy.

Energy works on two principles i.e. association and disassociation. You remain ill if there is storage of energy in your body. Energy should be in balance form. You should play sports. You should do physical work if Rahu hole is too deep. You should meet everyone. Do not play politics. It gives monolithic Rajyoga if Rahu is strong. Those who do struggle due to Rahu they stick till the end. If Rahu is weak then you get sudden rise and sudden fall.

You should tell right. Rahu increase struggle in your life but it gives too much benefit to you. There is difference lying in Rahu and Venus. The front teeth and gums are weak. You’ll lose at least one tooth till the age of 32. You can use alum. Take walnut and burn its peel and prepare its powder. Mix black salt and alum in it. You can do toothbrush with it. You can also use gomed and cow urine. You might face cough problem. 

You can use navy or dark blue. You should be open. Rahu increase gout, obesity and gas problem in the body. Do not intake such food which increases gas. You can use Amla, Baheda and Harade. You can use Triphla. You should avoid oily-spicy food. You can chant “Om Rudaray Namah”. You should listen sweet music.

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