How Mercury Can Change your Life?

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Mercury controls your speech. Your tongue may hurt or you might get sore in your throat or tongue. You get whiteness on your tongue due to weak Mercury. 

How Mercury Can Change your Life?

Mercury Can Change your Life
It is difficult to sign song. Your speech becomes weak. Your voice becomes husky and low. You cannot speak properly due to weak Mercury. You won’t get happiness from your aunt.

If finger of Mercury is upward from cuts on the Sun finger as showing on the below figure, then person can easily memorize things. If it is short then he takes wrong decision. 

Mercury Can Change your Life

If mountain of Mercury is downward then a person’s mind would be weak. If there are such lines on mountain of Mercury then child’s mind would be weak.

In this case, you should do Pranayama. You can take walk on grass. You can offer Durva to lord Ganesha. You can drink water in copper vessel. Avoid eating juicy foods.

You can server unmarried girls. You can do Chaya dan. Flow copper coin in the running water on every Wednesday. You should intake Brahami. You can drink Mattha. Do not keep bird in cage. It weakens your mind.

You should feed Brahmins in Shraddha. You must have to do fast before starting of the Shraddha. You should feed crow, cow and dogs. You should do Shraddha in afternoon. You can do tarpan. 

You have to prepare food according to likes of your pitra. Keep away some food for cow, crow, dog, god and ants. Take water, rice, sandal, flower and sesame in palms and pledge from Brahmins. You can give god and ants food to cow. Do tilak on Brahmins forehead and donate anything.

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