Having Dreams of Forefather

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Dream means we see some special event or incident while we’re sleeping. But actually it doesn’t come in sleep. It happens between sleep and awake position. Food habits, mental conditions and atmosphere play an important role behind the dreams. There are different results of dreams for different people and time.

Having Dreams of Forefather

Dreams of Forefather
Those whose mental condition is weak they get more dreams. People who eat more food at night or day they get more dreams. Those whose food habit and conduct is not good they get more dreams. You get more dreams if you feel stress or tension.

Normally, dream on forefather indicates some hints. Sometime they prevent us from accidents or sometime it gives indication of that. A person gets more dreams if he loves someone very much and he dies. But there is no meaning of these dreams.

Sometime we see a person whose desire would not fulfill. It indicates that his desires are not fulfill. When you understand this signal and satisfy his desire you won’t see dreams. In this case, you should not afraid but you have to understand that signal and behave in this manner.

If you see any one forefather in your dream then it indicates that he want to say something to you. You have to try to understand his indications. If you see many forefathers in your dreams then it indicates someone may die in your family. If you see in your dream that you’re giving something to your forefather then it means your luck won’t support you in the future. 

However, if you see in your dream that your forefather is giving you something then you will get success in future. If you see accident with your forefather then it indicates you may get rid from those accidents/problems.

You can worship/chant Shiva-Shiva or Hari-Hari before going for bed. Keep your head in south or east side while sleeping. Do not keep any image or heavy stuff under your head. Donate pulses when you get bad dreams.

Remedy: It is beneficial to wear black shoes, black belt and black purse if Saturn is favorable in your horoscope.

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