What is Pitrapaksha and What's Its Importance

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Pitrapaksha starts from Krishna Paksh’s Pratipada and end on Amavashya. We remember our forefather and gratitude his help. We take care our food habits, conduct and behavior. 

What is Pitrapaksha and What's Its Importance

If we adapt some special process then we can get rid from negative yoga and problems. You might face many problems if you do not libation of pitra. Do not start any new or auspicious work. Pitra paksha doesn’t impact that men whose parents alive and women whose in laws are alive.

The head of the family (man) can do libation. If he is not there than family member can do that. Grandson and son of daughter can do libation. Nowadays, women are also does libation.

You have to take bath on both times. You can do libation on Kutap vela. It is very beneficial to do libation on this time. You can use Kush and black sesame when you do libation. It gives good results. A person who does libation he should eat once in a day during this time.

You can offer light fragrance white flower to pitra. Do not offer heavy fragrance flowers. Keep your face on south side when you do libation. Do not do Shraddha by taking debt or in pressure.

Keep black sesame in water when you offer water to pitra. Offer water on Kutap vela. Avoid eating onion, ginger, non-veg and alcohol. You can also feed poor every day. You can chant Shrimad Geeta. Donate anything on new moon day.

Guruchandal Yoga: A person has impact of prenatal work. He faces ups-downs in his life. He/she faces too much problems in marital and health related problems. To get rid from this, you can keep urad stuff under the peeple tree in evening during these fifteen days.

Grahan Dosh: It happens when Rahu is along with Moon or Sun. A person cannot make progress even though he does hard work. Sometime he faces serious diseases and defamation. To get rid from this, offer water mixing black sesame and honey facing south side at Kutap vela. You can plant peeple tree.

Remedy: Avoid drinking milk in Ashwin month. It keeps you healthy all the month.

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