Impress Lord Shiva in 5 Min Prayer - Astro Upay

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If you want to impress lord shiva than here is simple method to devotee lord shiva in 5 min. This 5 min prayer will defiantly make impact to lord shiva.check out how to Impress Lord Shiva in 5 Min Prayer - Astro Upay.

Impress Lord Shiva in 5 Min Prayer - Astro Upay

Impress Lord Shiva
First Minute: Do shasthang Pranam to lord Shiva. Women have to do only adoration. After that you have to pray to lord Shiva for well-being. It will save you from the problems.

Second Minute: Light an incense stick during the 2nd minute. Keep it in your hand and take 9 circles of Shivaling. You won’t face problems in your marital or domestic life.

Third Minute: Offer 9 bail Patra on Shivaling in third minute. Chant “Om Namah Shivay” while offering bail Patra. You’ll get rid from children related and progeny problems.

Fourth Minute: Offer water on the Shivaling in fourth minute. The flow of the water should be slow and thin. Your relations will improve and strengthen with your relatives. Problems relating to realtions will be solved.

Fifth Minute: Light camphor in a plate and do Aarti of lord Shiva. Keep donation as per your capacity. You’ll get progress. You won’t face shortage of money. It increases job or business opportunity.

Remedy: You have to start that work on Monday which you want to finish early. It is auspicious to buy vehicle and going on journey.

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