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Side relates with Sun and its light. Different sides create different types of light and energy. We face problems when we come into contact with this direction. You can get benefits from every direction.

How Sides related with your Horoscope - Astro Upay

Sides related with your Horoscope
East Side: It is the auspicious and powerful direction. It is very beneficial to work facing east side. You get fame, respect and intelligent as it has impact of Sun and Jupiter. You must have to worship, meditation and study facing east side. If you want fame and respect then you must have to eat your food facing east side.

West Side: It is the energetic and powerful direction. It gives you relations, family and happiness. You will get immediate result from meditation and worship facing west side. It increases struggle if you eat facing west side. If you sleep facing west side then your health affects and you might face financial losses.

North Side: It is direction of wealth and financial gains. Mars is very powerful in this direction. It gives power and courage. It is very fruitful to do work and business facing north side. If you’re doing any worship relating to money then you must have to face north side. If you’re facing struggle in life then you should intake your meal facing north side.

South Side: People believe that it is negative and bad direction. But it is very good for age and health. It also gives you sudden benefits and progress. Problems can be cured if you light a lamp in south direction on Saturday evening. Do not keep your legs on south side when you sleep. It decreases your age and health.

Northeast Side: The side between north and east is called Ishan direction. It is the direction of water element and spiritual. Thoughts, emotions and mind become pure in this direction. It cures diseases. Do not keep unused stuff in northeast direction. Prayers are easily accepted if you worship in this direction.

Remedy: In men’s horoscope Jupiter represents her wife’s nature while in women’s horoscope Jupiter is responsible for her marriage. If Jupiter is weak then there would be conflicts and separation. In this case, you can worship lord Krishna who is wearing yellow color clothes.

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