Connection of Diseases and Astrology - Astro Upay

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There are five elements and three metals in the body. A person’s health depends on this. There is a planet behind every element. There is zodiac sign behind the metal. You get weird type of disease when element and metal disturbs.  

Connection of Diseases and Astrology - Astro Upay

Diseases and Astrology
In this case, you won’t get reason and remedies. But if you find the planet and zodiac sign behind the disease then you can cure it.

Lump: Lump in the body denotes you might have cancer. But in most of the cases, it would not be cancer. It increases by time and person face problem. It might be near to the ear and back. Rahu and Sun are responsible for lump. Due to Sun poison freeze in the body. Due to Rahu it won’t come out from the body. In this case, you must have to offer water to the Sun. You must have to sit in sunlight at least for 5 minutes. After that, chant Gayatri mantra for 108 times. Eat fruits and drink only water on Sunday. Avoid having fast food and oily-spicy food.

Spots: Jupiter, Sun and Mercury are responsible for the spots on the body. Digestion becomes weak due to Jupiter and you get spots on the body. Melanin disturbs in the body due to Sun and you get spots. Mercury creates infection in the skin which creates spots on the body. In this case, you must have to chew neem leaf in the morning. Avoid using sour food, peanut and sugar. Chant “Om Bhaskaraya Namah” in front of the Sun every morning. You can drink water in copper glass.

Vomiting: Jupiter and Moon are responsible for vomiting. In this case, bile and water level disturbs in the body. A person cannot digest the food properly. He does constant vomiting. Sometimes he dislikes eating food. You must have to avoid using corn flour and rice. You should include green vegetables, celery and asafetida in your diet. Chant “Om Ram Ramaya Namah” every morning. You can wear red sandal necklace in your throat.

Water from the Eyes: Usually water comes out from the eyes when it is weak. But sometime it comes without any reason. Venus and Sun are responsible for this reason. In this case, try to see your nose from your eyes. Offer water to the Sun every morning. You can do massage in hair with coconut oil.

Remedy: Do not use silver when you worship lord Hanuman. You can use basil leaf when you worship him.

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